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  • School Library

    idNYC Pop-Up

    New York City residents are now able to sign up for IDNYC – a government-issued identification card that is available to all City residents age 14 and older. Immigration status does not matter. 

    To be enrolled: (1) students under 18 need to have returned a signed Consent Form to their Community Assistant, and (2) all students need a School ID with them at the time of their appointment. The center can accommodate about 10-12 students per 45 min class period.

    Hours: 9:00am – 4:20pm (closed 1:00pm – 2:00pm)

    Sunset Park High School
  • SAT/P-SAT Day

    Student should report to school on time and prepared for exam. 

    Sunset Park High School
  • Round 1 Orientation/Round 2 Open House

    Some fast facts about our school:

    Sunset Park High School was awarded Silver Recognition in the National Schools of Opportunity Program!

    Our school is one school with three small learning communities in which students receive holistic, personalized support from a team of teachers!

    College credits are offered for free!

    PSAL teams include Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Soccer, Badminton, Handball, and Wrestling! SPHS also has Cheer-leading!

    Sunset Park High School
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