Early College Programs at Sunset Park High School

As of November  2017 (all programs subject to funding and university approval)

University in the High Schools program (University at Albany) - All coursework is taken during the day and the cost is absorbed by the school.

11th Grade—Environmental Science—all students are enrolled in this course but only those who meet the University at Albany’s admission’s requirement: 83% overall GPA, 83% average in Science coursework, receive college credit. 

12th Grade--General Biology (students select this course with a prerequisite overall GPA of 83% and an 83% in Science)

12th Grade—Reading Literature (students select this course with a prerequisite overall GPA of 83% and an 83% in English)

Brooklyn College College Now

Eligible students in 11th and 12th Grade earn college credits through Brooklyn College. There is no cost for the program and while students have been able to take some coursework at SPHS, students take the majority of courses on campus, which adds to the experience. Coursework is taken after school and/or on weekends.

NYU College Preview Program

Eligible, select students in the 12th Grade take college courses alongside NYU underclassmen. Although students do not earn credit for this experience, they do receive letters of participation which they can include in their college applications. The only cost is for transportation and textbooks, which the school will absorb. Coursework is taken after school.

LIU Early College Scholars Program

Early College Scholars program at Long Island University--Brooklyn. Students can take courses beginning in 11th Grade (in future years, admission to the program may begin as early as 10th Grade for eligible students). This program also includes leadership and STEM experiences for students as well as mentoring. The cost for the program is split by LIU and the student. Program occurs after-school and on weekends. The school will absorb the cost. This program is available through a partnership between LIU and the Office of Superintendent Michael Prayor.

Advanced Placement Opportunities (during the school day)

10th Grade—AP World History Prep—non-credit bearing (open access taken by choice during School-Wide Elective periods as a compliment to 10th Grade Global History)

11th Grade—AP Computer Science Principles (open access taken during School-Wide Elective periods with additional required time after school)

11th Grade—AP English Language and Composition (all 11th grade students take this course) *

12th Grade—AP Literature and Composition (open access to 12th Grade students who choose it)

12th Grade—AP Biology (open access to 12th Grade students who choose it)*

12th Grade—AP  Spanish Language and Composition (open access to 12th Grade students who choose it)

*AP for ALL (in conjunction with Equity and Excellence initiative jointly supported by Mayor DiBlasio and Chancellor Fariña)