Sport Form Requirements

Any student interested in playing any sport needs to fill out a parental consent form and complete a physical examination stamped with license # and a doctor signature. These documents must be turned in to the head coach of the sport you desire to try out for during the sport season.  

Parental Consent Form English.pdf  

Parental Consent Spanish.pdf 

 Sports Examination form.pdf 

School Wide Seasonal Teams






Boys Soccer

Head Coach Borg

Co Coach Torres

Boys Wrestling

Head Coach Mandry

Co Coach Leu

Girls Softball

Head Coach Torres


Girls Soccer

Head Coach Weismuller

Co Coach Green

Girls Basketball

Head Coach Romero

Co Coach Garcia

Girls Wrestling

Head Coach Mandry

Co Coach Romero

Girls Volleyball

Head Coach Leu

Co Coach Romero

Boys Basketball

Head Coach Weismuller


 Boys Baseball

Head Coach Mehserle


Boys Badminton

Head Coach Garcia

Co Coach Mandry


 JV Girls Soccer 

Head Coach Green


Girl's Basketball Team

Girl's Baseball Team

Girl's Soccer Team

Girl's Volleyball Team